Writen By:

Kati Cahill, M.Ed.
Humanex Academy Principal

Educational equity has been defined by Linton and Davis (2013) as occurring “when educators provide all students with the individual support they need to reach and exceed a common standard” (p. 19). This definition rings true to what Humanex’s goal is for every student. We believe that schools should be focused on building a safe learning environment where all students can take risks and grow, and Humanex is working hard to promote that on a daily basis through an individualized approach. The majority of students who attend Humanex have typically not been successful in one area or another in a traditional school model and come to us looking for something different, a place where they will be seen as an individual with potential for success.

Humanex is focusing on college and career readiness for all students with a focus on strengths-based learning as well as helping students to see the supports they have in their lives to help them stay focused on success in their academics as well as mental health. We work to build a positive school culture for all staff and students who walk through our doors and we are in our second year of partnering with Sources of Strength, a suicide prevention organization, in order to further support this goal. As we welcome new students and families, we work extra hard to help them feel safe and begin to build the relationships and trust necessary to work toward academic success.

Our vision around equity in our school is that every student is receiving the individualized learning supports needed to be successful and meet their academic expectations. Our staff works collaboratively to make sure we are all holding our students to these high standards, no matter their differences or diagnoses and that we are taking into consideration the supports needed to do this. So often our students have experienced being told that they are not motivated, not trying hard enough, or that they need to sit still and focus, etc. when really we need to ask ourselves why those things are happening, where those behaviors are coming from, and what we can do or provide to make a difference and help each and every student to find success in their strengths.

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