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Humanex Academy recognizes that our families and students benefit from additional, support resources whether those are therapeutic, educational, legal or medical in helping them find resolution and success. Disclaimer: Humanex Academy is in no way receiving compensation for, advocating for, or endorsing the resources listed. Our intent is that the resources listed offer our families a place to begin finding solutions

Tutoring Resources

College Resources

Legal Advice on Educational Issues and Topics

  • Spies, Powers & Robinson P.C., Attorneys at Law:   (303)-830-7090 or
  • Law Office of Louise Bouzari, LLC: (303)-228-1616 or Direct Line: (303)-771-1288 or
  • The Limbaugh Law Firm – (720)-222-3375
  • Wrights Law Special Education Law and Advocacy:
  • Section 504 – Civil Rights Law, Protects from

Learning Disability Resources