Welcome Humanex Academy Alumni

Humanex Academy may have changed and grown over the years since you attended but we are still Home of the Explorers! As you continue on your path, fulfilling your potential and dreams, know that we look forward to maintaining a lasting relationship with you, we want to celebrate with you in all that you accomplish, and we hope you continue feeling a deep sense of pride as a Humanex Academy graduate.

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Where are They Now?  Humanex Academy Alumni Stories

Alex Cripe (Class of 2014)

I went to Metro State for five years to get my Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics.  Now that I have graduated, I am applying for jobs as a Certified Dietary Manager.  Managers can work in hospitals, prisons, schools, retirement homes or any place that prepares food for large quantities of people. I have a passion for clean eating and cooking, so I look forward to what comes next!

Doug Spencer (Class of 2002)

The years to follow at Humanex helped me to discover the real me. I am very thankful for the staff and principals of Humanex Academy for providing the foundation for my immense and continuing success.

Dane Smith (Class of 2002)

I have since graduated from Oregon State University and am currently at University of Denver Law School. I would like to take a moment and explain that college is tough. There are good days and bad days. It is qualities within that make the individual, not the institution or the paper that illustrates what you’ve accomplished. It is very important to realize that success comes from all angles. It is not linear; what success or failure you have today does not mean you’ll have it tomorrow. Success or lack of success is not constant but ever changing. There are two quotes that help me:

“Once you’ve reached the mountaintop, then you shall begin to climb.” –Atwul Gawande

“Integrity is not measured by how hard one falls, but by how quickly they get up.” (I don’t know who said that)

To me this illustrates exactly what I have been saying—the work is never done. If an individual has a dream, they should pursue it. No dream is too hard. There will be times where it looks unattainable, but remember tomorrow is a new day. And that is what I have learned in my life, instilled initially by Humanex Academy.


A Teacher’s Greatest Rewards – Bob Remillard

“My greatest rewards come from seeing how proud students are at our graduation ceremonies and hearing how they’re doing when they come back to visit. All returning students have expressed gratitude that Humanex was available during critical periods of their lives. Some snapshot updates I’ve received from parents, friends, and the students themselves include: having a 4.0 grade point average at the end of her sophomore year, being the top graduate of his class at the Marine Corp Flight School, getting a better grade than mom from the same chemistry professor at School of Mines (that was from mom), being a leading prosthesis designer, getting accepted as a candidate for a Ph.D. in Physics, attending law school, and many going on to other graduate schools.  As a math and science teacher, these are objective measures that show I am making a difference.”


Post-Graduation – A Parents’ Perspective

“Now that graduation is safely behind us we’ve had time to reflect back on the last several years our daughter has spent at Humanex. Struggling academically, emotionally and sometimes socially we were charged with finding a situation where she could receive the support and attention she needed while still making progress in school.  It was a tall order.  Fast forward to post graduation.  We’ll be forever grateful to the teachers and staff for their encouragement, patience, kindness and understanding.  Not to mention their skill and willingness to reach out and teach young people with various and often multiple challenges.  Our daughter ultimately earned and received her high school diploma because we were fortunate to find a place at Humanex.  What they provide is awesome and we wish them the best!”