Course Study Enrichment Opportunities

Humanex  students do more than just study!  All classes offer enrichment opportunities for students to enhance their understanding of the subject as well as enrich their personal experiences with the various topics.

  • Independent Living classes offer students the opportunity to taste their own recipes
  • Science classes visit local Colorado State Parks to explore Geology
  • P.E. classes visit the Malley Recreation Center to play table tennis with Senior citizens
  • Art classes visit the local Art museums to gain a deeper appreciation of different types of art forms
  • History classes visit downtown Denver to delve deeper into Colorado History
  • English classes take students to both professional and community theater plays
  • Senior High School class makes annual college campus tours to ACC, Metro, and CCD


Personal Enrichment Opportunities

Humanex students strive to become Peer Leaders! Humanex students work at being well-rounded individuals in all aspects of their lives as well as being a source of safety for others


Life Enrichment Opportunities

Humanex students care about their community!  Humanex students actively seek out ways to get involved to improve the lives of other people at such places like the