My days at Humanex pretty much start out the same. School starts at 8:30…I know, so early! I usually get here at 8:15 and chat with some of my friends then head off to my first period class, English. I really enjoy that class. I get to write about whatever I want some days, which I really like, but on other days I have to go by the syllabus. I like that I am given the freedom to write about what is going on in my life.

Bell rings and it’s time for second period. Like all the other classes, my teacher adjusts the class to how I work best which makes it seem more exciting. Third period comes around and I head off to history. This teacher is also one of my favorite teachers. She keeps me entertained when I’m in class because she also always has something interesting to talk about. Fourth period is pretty much the same as second, because I have my counselor again but for a different class.

After fourth, lunch rolls around. This is the time where the kids just chill with each other, talk and socialize. After lunch everyone heads to their advising class. In this class we usually talk about problems and things going on in our lives. Sometimes we have a study hall, and we do our school work. My sixth period is my hardest class because it is math but my teacher makes the work understandable and helps me through it, and I am able to get it done. Finall, my last class of the day comes around, science. My teacher is really awesome and helps me out a lot. He makes the class go by really fast, and it is easy for me.

In the end, every class helps me learn in the way I learn best and that is why I love this school and wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

– Ninth Grade Student