Humanex is a School for 6-12 Grade Students
Humanex Academy students are beyond the mold! Most of our students escape traditional labels yet possess a unique blend of academic and creative excellence that often hasn’t yet been tapped. Many of our students arrive with tremendous individual potential in one field but need extra support in another. What all Humanex students have in common is the ability to earn their diploma and flourish in life after high school.

Humanex is a School for Students with Learning Challenges
Students with learning challenges often struggle in traditional learning environments. Like all middle and high school students, Humanex Academy students have assignments, deadlines, papers and tests to complete. Meeting deadlines, adhering to a specific schedule, and following directions are all realities of middle and high school that students with learning disabilities may find challenging. When faced with those challenges, students often develop anxiety and lose confidence in their abilities. At Humanex Academy, teachers provide individualized support to help students meet these challenges successfully and confidently.  Humanex also helps students with learning disabilities prepare for college through academic, social, and behavioral skills support tailored to their unique challenges.

Humanex Offers Support for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders/High Functioning Autism
Students on the Autism Spectrum, or pervasive developmental disorder often have age-appropriate academic abilities but struggle with social and emotional aspects of interacting with classmates and teachers. Our students receive extensive support in learning how to make friends, participate in conversations, and respect personal boundaries. They are also afforded the opportunity and environment to be themselves!

Humanex is a Program for Students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can enjoy success in high school with the help of Humanex Academy. High school students with ADHD often struggle with the demands and expectations of high school course work and with organizational demands.  Humanex Academy provides individualized support and specialized assistance to students whose disability might otherwise prevent them from earning their diplomas.

Humanex Offers Counseling for Students with Emotional Needs
Many of our students have failed to perform academically, not because of weaknesses in their learning, but because their lives have been disrupted by emotional and behavioral disorders. Through individualized instruction and on-campus counseling support, Humanex Academy helps students with anxiety disorders, depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, bipolar disorder, and many other emotional issues.  Our students learn expanded coping and communication skills in an environment that recognizes the challenges they face while still encouraging them to meet high academic standards.

The Humanex Mission
Therefore, our mission is to help each student see the beauty and opportunity for excellence in their exceptionality. As a school that embraces difference and originality, Humanex Academy is truly exceptional!

“I heard about the program at Humanex and was intrigued. I made an appointment for my son and me to see the school and for the first time I saw Alex excited about learning. I removed him from public school and he started at Humanex immediately. Over the rest of the school year I saw Alex’s grades, self esteem and confidence improve to a level which I had never seen before.

Because of Humanex, not only did Alex excel, but with some extra effort on his part and with help from the excellent staff at the school, Alex was able to graduate a semester early and will be starting college in the fall.

I would recommend Humanex to any student who has trouble learning the traditional way and would benefit from small class sizes and individual attention.”

Tracy Alvarez