A key component that sets Humanex Academy a part from traditional schools is our Counseling Support Program.  We recognize that students need stability and emotional support in order to overcome some of the challenges they are facing. This stability and support comes not only from teachers, but also from our child and adolescent clinical psychologist and psychology interns.  For more than 10 years, Humanex Academy has been a training site for Doctoral and Master’s level graduate students from the University of Denver.

Our counseling efforts play an integral part in the development of the following skills.

Social Skills

  • Students receive guidance in social interactions and appropriate conflict resolution.
  • Students feel more accepted as part of a community and therefore participate more.
  • Students learn skills in constructive problem-solving.
  • Students learn how to appropriately advocate for their academic and emotional needs.
  • Students develop greater self-esteem and show improved relationships.

Emotional Intelligence

  • Students learn healthy strategies to preserve their own mental and physical health.
  • Students’ self-esteem grows as a result of experiencing academic and personal successes.
  • Students learn to make healthy lifestyle choices, including avoiding drug and alcohol use.
  • Students learn more positive coping skills.
  • Students learn to constructively use leisure time through activities such as reading, sports, art and volunteering.
  • Students develop a sense of self-control and personal responsibility.

Career Success Skills 

  • Students learn skills to seek employment and to stay employed.
  • Students set goals for their adult future to include further higher education or pursuit of another immediate career.
  • Students gain confidence in their ability to be successful in life after high school.
  • Students discover how academic, emotional and social success will improve their work lives in the future.

“Humanex has been able to provide the perfect environment for my son, structured yet flexible. The teachers, principal and counselor have been incredibly understanding and patient. At a time of severe family crisis, Humanex was an anchor in my son’s life. Humanex understood that my son needed time to heal with no pressure. They were able to provide a no pressure environment while still encouraging him to progress. In addition, Humanex provided a place for him to talk about his feelings.

This year, his sophomore year, he has made tremendous progress and is almost caught up with required credits. The most important part of this accomplishment is that it was his decision to work harder and faster. This is the gift that Humanex has given him.”

Nancy McClung