In 1983, my husband and I founded Humanex Academy, and I served as the director for over 23 years. In addition, in 2005, we created Friends of Humanex. This 501 c(3) foundation was established to raise scholarship funds for students to attend Humanex Academy.  I became the director of College Living Experience in 2005.  CLE is a program to help post-secondary students attend college, live independently, and expand their job skills.   Later, in 2006, I helped establish the CLE Summer Exploration Program. CLE Summer Exploration is a program for diverse learners entering their senior year or who have recently graduated. Summer Exploration is a preview of independent living in a college environment, with intensive support to build the educational, vocational, social and independent living skills needed for transition to adulthood. By 2010 I spearheaded a program of supports for young adults as they enter the work force. Providing career education, on the job training and job placement, and in 2011 we launched a new branch of CLE called Independent Living Experience. Independent Living Experience (ILE) is a customized support service for adults desiring a life of independence. In 2012 I returned to Humanex Academy as the CFO and work closely with its new administrative team to provide high quality and caring learning for students with unique needs.

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