I’m Bob and  I’ve taught math and science at Humanex Academy since 1995. Science and sharing information have been my life-long passions. I grew up in western Massachusetts near the Vermont and New Hampshire borders and shortly after graduating from high school, I received a military draft notice. I joined the Navy and worked as a research technician at the Naval Blood Research Laboratory outside Boston. After completing my military service I attended the University of Massachusetts, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. I joined the Air Force where I worked in the Cheyenne Mountain Intelligence Center for seven years as an orbital analyst, in the Philippines for two years as a crew commander and chief of training of a satellite tracking radar, on Shemya Island at the end of the Aleutian chain for a year as a crew commander and director of operations of a missile warning radar, and in Colorado Springs for two years as instructor supervisor of a joint space intelligence/operations course. While in the Air Force, I earned a dual Master of Arts in Computer and Information Systems Management and in Space Systems Management. After my Air Force career, I enrolled in Regis University’s Teacher Licensure Program. Upon receiving my teaching license and offers of teaching positions at several schools, I selected Humanex Academy because I thought it was where I could make the greatest difference. At Humanex, I’ve been able to continue my professional education through various programs, been selected for Who’s Who Among Teachers, and learned something from every student I’ve taught. My greatest rewards come from seeing how proud students are at our graduation ceremonies and hearing how they’re doing when they come back to visit. All returning students have expressed gratitude that Humanex was available during critical periods of their lives. Some snapshot updates I’ve received from parents, friends, and the students themselves include: having a 4.0 grade point average at the end of her sophomore year, being the top graduate of his class at the Marine Corp Flight School, getting a better grade than mom from the same chemistry professor at School of Mines (that was from mom), being a leading prosthesis designer, getting accepted as a candidate for a Ph.D. in Physics, attending law school, and many going on to other graduate schools.  As a math and science teacher, these are objective measures that show I am making a difference.

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