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Humanex Academy, in conjunction with the non-profit, Denver Education Enterprise (DEE), hold two major fundraisers each year; Artful Night in May and A Night to Remember in June.  In addition to the fundraisers, Humanex Academy also grants internal scholarships for those families based on income and resources available for tuition.  Our resources may be limited but we try to support as many families as possible!

Artful Night 

This is a fun night of celebrating student art as well as the artful nature of providing support to our student population.  All monies raised through our live and silent auctions go directly to support Humanex Academy Financial Aid, technology funds, and teacher development.  We are always in the process of collecting items for the auction, accepting sponsorship for tables at the event, and other financial donations.  Please contact us at (303) 783.0137 to discuss ways you can get involved in this fundraiser!

A Night to Remember

The Alex Teves Foundation raises money for Humanex Scholarships in honor of Alex and his love for our Humanex Academy students.

10382776_10203355511782348_6109018215107663015_n[2]Alex  C. Teves Memorial Scholarships 

Alex C. Teves Memorial Scholarships are given each year through the non-profit  Denver Education Enterprise, Inc. (DEE) .   The Alex C. Teves Foundation and DEE, worked together  to provide a legacy for Alex C. Teves.  Alex was a counseling intern from the University of Denver interning at Humanex in 2011-12.   Alex loved counseling  students with unique learning needs. He was killed in the Aurora Theater shooting on July 20th 2012. Humanex Academy is proud to  provide scholarships under his name.





How to apply for Scholarships

Scholarships are granted through Humanex Academy Tuition Award and The Alex Teves Scholarship Fund which is part of the  non-profit, Denver Education Enterprise.  All families who wish to be considered for scholarships must fill out the online application through FACTS  Tuition Aid.  This information is completely confidential.  The  application fee is $50.00.  All tax information for the past two years must be downloaded into the system.  To complete your application please go to  FACTS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.   Please note that scholarship applications are due by May  30th and November 30th  of  each year for consideration. If applications are submitted after these deadlines they will not be considered until the next deadline.