Initial Visit and Tour
The average visit and tour lasts about one hour.  Families will have the opportunity to tour the Humanex Academy facility, visit classrooms, and have an in-depth discussion about the potential student’s academic and emotional needs.  At the end of the tour and visit and before the student is allowed to shadow they must submit application and testing.

Shadowing Days
Following the tour, students who are interested in our program will be invited to shadow another student to get the full Humanex Academy experience. Parents are asked to have their student spend a day shadowing another student because we believe shadowing gives the prospective student a sense of daily life at Humanex and gives our staff the opportunity to evaluate whether our program is a good fit for each applicant

Completed Humanex Academy Application Packet Includes the Following

  • Initial Assessment test
  • Completed Humanex Academy Application
  • Transcripts from previous schools, if applicable

Submission of Application
Mail in  or drop off the completed application packet

Open Enrollment at Humanex Academy
Humanex Academy has an open enrollment policy.  Students may apply, be admitted, and begin classes upon acceptance throughout the year.