Individualized Academic Curriculum
The courses offered at Humanex Academy are designed for individual educational excellence for every student. Although Humanex enrolls students from grades 6-12, the skill levels of our students range from third grade through post high school. Many of our students are twice exceptional where they may excel in one subject area while struggling greatly in another. This flexibility in curriculum and instruction is the main reason why our gifted students are sufficiently challenged while students below grade level benefit and show more rapid growth because of the one-on-one instruction and flexible approach.

Learning Styles
Our Individualized Academic Curriculum ensures that all students work on materials at the level for which they can be appropriately challenged and experience success.

Humanex also offers a wide variety of courses presented through a framework based on helping students develop internal motivation. Students are not required to do homework, as all class work can be done during the class period. However, homework is always available to the motivated student, and effort is made to help students become more motivated. The models and strategies used are research-based and effective in ensuring student success.

Instructional Approach
Humanex Academy teachers adapt course materials and instructional techniques based on each student’s needs while focusing on specific content related to the Colorado Model Content Standards and on skills necessary for academic and career success. We strive to challenge each student in ways unavailable in a traditional and public school education. To meet this challenge, our staff is highly trained in diverse teaching methods. The instructional approach implemented by teachers is multi-faceted and utilizes a combination of instructional delivery and assessment models to ensure students master the skills and content being taught.

Graduation Requirements
Our coursework is designed for 8th graders to earn a Certification of Completion in order for them to meet the new demands and challenges of high school. Our high school graduation requirements identify the credits that all students must earn in order to receive their high school diploma and are equivalent to the Colorado state requirements.