College Acceptance
On average, 70-80 percent of Humanex Academy graduates enter a two- or four-year college or a technical skills program.  Many of our students fall under the category of twice-exceptional and intellectually would have no difficulty academically.  However, our students are often developmentally behind their same age peers in the areas of executive function and emotional resiliency that is required for college and training success.  Humanex recognizes these deficiencies and works with both students and parents to develop a successful transition into life after Humanex.

Humanex Classes
We offer honors and college-bound classes in all subject areas.  Each student works from a syllabus designed to include individual learning goals, expectations, and time lines.  This helps students develop a sense of accountability as they work at a pace that will allow them to meet their goals.  Our staff prompts students to find internal motivation with an emphatic, solution-focused approach to complete the class rather than have a teacher do the work for them.

College Classes
Students are also allowed to take college courses and receive Humanex Academy credit.  This gives students, who might be anxious about what a college class is like, to take a class while they receive support they may need from Humanex.

Research Skills
Students are required to complete a research class to graduate from Humanex Academy.  While most schools have a research requirement, Humanex provides significant one-on-one instruction to each student.  Any student struggling in a certain area receives direct, targeted instruction, whether that is help analyzing ideas, researching facts, determining the validity of sources, or constructing an argument.  Furthermore, students learn the writing, editing, and citation skills they will need to be successful writers.

Transition Planning
The focus of our Transition Planning program is to help students select colleges, prepare for the SAT test, write college essays, and complete college applications.  Students who are pursuing vocational training use this class to find, to apply, and/or to secure an internship at a vocational school.

Humanex offers academic credit for holding a part-time job, for community service, or volunteering in order to encourage students to investigate various careers.

Benefits of Our Support Programs
Students who attend Humanex Academy actively work towards being prepared to walk whatever avenue of life they choose after completion of our program.  As a result of our Support Programs, many of our students have learned and practiced the skills they need to succeed, learned how to utilize their strengths, and learned how to be advocates of their strong self-knowledge.  Therefore, Humanex Academy excels at preparing students for life beyond high school.

“As parents of a twice exceptional adolescent, we have struggled with finding an education institution that can deal with both ADHD and giftedness. There are many schools for gifted children in Denver, Colorado. There are several schools for children who have ADHD in Denver, Colorado. There are very few good schools that can deal with both ADHD and giftedness at the same time and have an adolescent flourish in that environment. In all of our research, Humanex was the top recommendation of the experts. Our adolescent is now in the second year at Humanex and continues to excel. Our adolescent is not only doing well academically but his maturity has significantly improved. The staff at Humanex continues to work with him to bring out the very best in our adolescent. We have found the staff at Humanex to be “in tune” with the kids, caring, nurturing, challenging, and very interested in helping each individual student in achieving success not only academically but socially and emotionally as well.”

A Humanex Academy parent