At Humanex Academy, we envision a supportive and structured learning community where teachers help students expand their academic and social skills so they are able complete middle school and be ready for the challenges of high school, able to graduate from high school, become job-ready, and/or go on to further education. Our focus on academic preparation and emotional maturation develops each student’s love of life-long learning, knowledge of his or her own academic gifts, good decision-making skills, and healthy self-advocacy.

The mission of Humanex Academy is to provide a high quality, caring, and well-structured learning environment for students with unique academic, social, and/or emotional needs where they can develop the necessary skills to become productive citizens.


Humanex Academy has devised a signature program called PACER (Preparation * Accountability * Communication * Effort * Responsibility).  This action plan is for students, faculty, and parents to learn and achieve in areas that include academics, social, emotional, and behavioral goals.  Our goal with the PACER program is to help each person identify and celebrate their strengths and gifts, accept and adapt to obstacles, speak honestly about their needs, and learn to find an academic, goal- setting system that works best for them.  The points of focus in PACER are meant to be understood as areas the individual is actively working on based on their unique skills, resources, and goals.

“Humanex Academy has given our son a positive learning experience this year. He especially likes all the teachers and has enjoyed the small classes and private attention he receives from them. The teachers at Humanex have improved his self-esteem and confidence as well as helped him to discover artistic talents that have been untapped until now. As parents, we would highly recommend Humanex Academy to any student that doesn’t fit well in the “traditional” large high school environment.”–Parents of a Humanex Academy student