Thank you for your interest in Humanex Academy and welcome to our website. We are glad you found us and hope you find the information and resources that you are seeking!

As Head of School, I want you to know how we provide a program that will support and encourage students to improve themselves and their feelings about school. Humanex Academy is focused on creating a safe and caring environment so each student has the opportunity to grow. We believe it is important to meet the students where they are and be empathetic to where they have been. Students require guidance in looking to discover who they are and what they would like to choose to be as people, and at Humanex we pride ourselves on helping students in these endeavors. I believe that with every decision, one has a consequence; some are positive and some are negative. As I lead this school and these students, I hope that the students all can learn from their successes and mistakes and become motivated to choose and act with thought and purpose.  My hope is that all students are able to work in both independent and collaborative groups while becoming life-long learners.

After reading my bio, you will know that I have a strong commitment and passion to the special needs community of students, and it has always been a goal of mine to change the way learning looks for anyone with a social, emotional, behavioral, or academic differences. I know it takes an amazing team of individuals with a diverse set of skills to provide for and encourage students to feel safe, inspired, and challenged at school in our current educational climate. Therefore, I know that if you take the time to check out our website and come in to visit, you will quickly see that we offer something very different from the traditional school setting as well as other alternative schools in the Denver area. In fact, you will learn that we are the only school in Colorado to offer individualized curriculum along with group lessons, we are not calendar bound to a traditional school year for credit completion, and our academic program becomes possible for many students because of the strong, unwavering counseling components of daily school life!

I invite you to learn more about us and call with any questions that you might have. We are proud of our students, our faculty, and our program and would love to share with you about the great things that are happenings at Humanex Academy. Growth is taking place individually, socially, and culturally as our students and faculty work together to find unmet needs while creating realistic personalized plans which include a meaningful transition to the next grade level and life beyond high school. Please don’t let your student have one more bad day at school. Join us where students’ needs are being met, where the best outcome results and progress is being achieved legitimately, and where we believe our students make progress they never dreamed possible!


We hope to hear from you soon.


Dan Toomey
Head of School