Is Humanex accredited?
Yes.  We achieved accreditation in 1990 and have been in good standing as a fully accredited middle and high school through AdvancEd Colorado.  Humanex Academy transcripts and diplomas are recognized by all public school districts, vocational schools, colleges and universities.

What does the name Humanex stand for?
Humanex is short for the “Human Experience.” Please click on: What is Humanex? to find out how Humanex got the name and why it is different than any other school.

What do Humanex Academy graduates do after high school graduation?
Humanex excels at preparing students for life beyond high school.  We offer honors and college-bound classes in all subject areas, and, on average, 70-80 percent of Humanex Academy graduates enter a two year school (such as Arapahoe Community College, Red Rock Community College), 20 percent enter a four year college (such as Mesa State College University of Colorado-Boulder, Hofstra University)  or a technical/training program (Warren Tech, Aveda Institute), and about 10 percent of our students join the workforce.

While many of our students fall under the categories of twice-exceptional and intellectually would have no difficulty academically, our students often are developmentally behind their same age peers in the areas of executive function and emotional resiliency that are required for college and training success.  Therefore, Humanex recognizes those deficiencies and works with both students and parents to develop a successful transition plan.

Does Humanex have an open campus?
No.  We have found that having a closed campus helps us to be more effective with helping students make good decisions, and it contributes to creating a positive school community.

What are the class sizes at Humanex?
Our student-teacher ratio ranges from 6:1 to 10:1.  We have a strong commitment to keeping our class sizes small.

What types of students attend Humanex?
Humanex Academy works with many different types of students. Please visit  Our Student Population page to read more about our diverse student population.

What type of training do your teachers have?
Teachers have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and are either professionally licensed in Colorado or are currently working towards licensure.  Humanex also has a Colorado Department of Education-approved induction program for new teachers and offer ongoing and continuing extensive training on learning differences, social and emotional disorders and behavioral management issues in conjunction with instructional techniques specifically tailored to our unique student population.