Our Philosophy

The Humanex Academy’s philosophy of education is based on the premise that students need a safe and supportive place to learn. With this philosophy as our guide, Humanex helps students experience success in academics and in their personal and work relationships. Our faculty and staff provide a support system in which students can gain pertinent skills for their academic and personal growth. The curriculum, designed to meet the needs of each individual student, takes into account his or her strengths and challenges. We work to help students succeed intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

Why is Humanex Different?
Humanex Academy recognizes that every student is unique and must be treated as such. Therefore, our goal is to create a unique learning environment in which young people who have previously struggled academically and socially will begin to succeed.  The environment at Humanex Academy promotes academic success and helps students establish healthy boundaries and take individual responsibility.  For almost 30 years, Humanex has been helping students meet graduation and transition goals. Our program has three core elements:  an individualized academic curriculum, extensive counseling support, and behavior management based empathy and solution-focused approaches.

Individualized Academic Curriculum
We provide significant individualized instruction, tailored to each student’s abilities, to help each young adult become a life-long learner. If a student a is not working at grade level, every attempt will be made to support the student in moving up, but we also have a support plans in place for remediation and letting students learn where they are. Students earn grades on a traditional letter grade scale or can be transitioned to a Pass/Fail model if need be. Our goal is to create positive learning experiences where letter grades are valid to the student’s record while never being damaging to his or her self esteem.

Furthermore, our small class sizes help students feel safe at school and limit distractions, allowing teachers to be more effective in direct instruction.  Through this enhanced attention, students earn better grades and fulfill their potential for attending college and become job-ready, despite their learning disabilities or differences.  We provide parents with daily progress reports so at the end of any school day, parents can see exactly what their student participated in that day.   Our efforts are focused on helping students become motivated, engaged learners.

Extensive Counseling
The uniqueness and depth of counseling at Humanex Academy is an important difference between our program and others in the Denver Metro Area.   Our counseling program is based on the philosophy that students with a variety of diagnoses and challenges can learn skills to be better friends, family members, students, and employees.  We provide counseling and emotional support, coordinated with other mental health and education services to help students develop positive relationships and healthy emotional problem-solving.  The techniques we use range from direct instruction of how to read facial expressions, to skills for coping with anxiety, to conflict resolution and beyond.  The goal is that all students improve their emotional intelligence, learn to respect boundaries, learn to appropriately advocate for themselves, and develop skills to better handle stress.  Counseling is individualized for each student’s needs and often takes place in a relaxed informal setting. Students are also afforded the opportunity to experience counseling in the group setting. In addition, specialized groups that address Autism Spectrum Disorder, Senioritis and Transition, Personal Growth and Change, and Anger Management as well as others.